Building the Teensybat

I designed a printed circuitboard so that you can easily reproduce the TeensyBat. 

I have a construction manual available but I also have a youtube video that shows you how to build the TeensyBat.

Please have a look at that video i you want to get an idea about how difficult the build is.

Youtube video about building the TeensyBat

I am sharing some circuitboards and materials on eBay from time to time.


Building Teensy Bat Detector V 0 2 B
PDF – 716,3 KB 522 downloads





The schematic of te detector looks lie this, the modifications for backlight control, GPS and temperature sensor will be added later.



So, I kind of ran out of materials and am concentrating on an easier to build Teensy 4.1 variant.

If you are able to order your own PCB's  here are the Gerber files.

Gerbers Teensybat V 0 2
Archive – 343,6 KB 42 downloads