Building the Teensybat

Earlier version below.....


So here it is....  Finally we have printed circuitboards for the "new and improved" Teensybat based on the Teensy 4.1 development board.

Functionality is mainly the same, the biggest improvement is the adio buffer, this PCB however has changed a lot. Building is much easier. For those of you that wonder where the Gerber files are....  Sorry, I do not share the new gerbers.

Boards will be in the parts section soon.....

Building instructions for the Teensybat with Teensy 4.1

Teensybat 0.7 Pcb Construction Manual
PDF – 1,7 MB 669 downloads

This is the new schematic, the audioboard is integrated, as well as charger circuit and protection. The Teensybat runs directly off a li-po cell.

Here is a video that shows you what is involved building this version.







The older version with Teenst 3.6, board version 0.2_ 

Building Teensy Bat Detector V 0.2 B
PDF – 716,3 KB 826 downloads





The schematic of te detector looks lie this, the modifications for backlight control, GPS and temperature sensor will be added later.



So, I kind of ran out of materials and am concentrating on an easier to build Teensy 4.1 variant.

If you are able to order your own PCB's  here are the Gerber files.

Gerbers Teensybat V 0.2
Archive – 343,6 KB 252 downloads