Software version 1.71 (March 2024)

A few important changes:

  • 1.7 had a bug when using the serial number in the filename (in Guano data) this has been fixed in v. 1.71 
  • Recordings can have a prefix in the filename to recognize individual TB-machines.
  • Long press Left-Encoder brings the user directly into the settings.
  • Long press Right-Encoder will play the latest recording.  
  • Long press Left-pushbutton starts autorecord mode.
  • Restore last recorded GPS location at startup to allow recording without GPS active.
  • A location system (10 slots) has been added to allow recordings with previously
    entered location data (latitude/longitude/utc_offset/dst).
  • Sunset/sunrise can be calculated for a given location and can be used during deepsleep. (+/- 15 or 30 minutes)



It is wise to start the detector in default settings (pres left button at power-on) after updating to a new software version.


Be careful, Teensy 3.6 and 4.1 use their own version software. If you accidental load the wrong software you can not load the right software unless you press the reset button on the Teensy! The software "teensy_reboot" will not work. This involves opening the detector, remove the display and press the small switch on the Teensy at the moment you would have normally used teensy_reset.exe

The hex files are different for Teensy 3.6 and Teensy 4.1 pick the right file. (Hardware options are automatically detected)

The update tools (below) only hold the uploader-tools, use the link above to get the software.

Update Tools
Archive – 4,1 MB 1408 downloads


Instructions for Windows XP and higher.


Download the update tools and software hex file from the links above and unzip the update tools. 

Teensy serial driver is only needed for windows versions before Windows10. On older systems first install the serial driver (from the update tools zip-file).
Simply run serial_install.exe on older windows versions by double click and follow the instructions (Yes OK Next, whatever)

Now, plug-in the Teensy micro USB (right side of the detector) and connect to your computer, the computer will find a new device (Teensy Serial). Finish the installation of the driver by clicking Next, OK, Yes or whatever button comes up.
Next run Teensy.exe

Select File and choose the xxxxxxxxx.hex file (please be ware of Teensy 3.6, 4.1 PSRAM and NOPSRAM difference) 

Click the dark green button so it lights up and you can read "Auto" (might work without auto)

now run reboot.exe (if you can reach the small switch on the Teensy you can press that instead)

The Teensy should reboot load the software and start up again. This should only take seconds.

STEP 8 Disconnect the USB connector and use the TeensyBat detector.

There is a small chance the reboot will make the computer find an other USB HID driver and the upload will abort.
Simply try again, I am sure it will work the next time.

If your detector has any problem try a “factory reset” first by holding the left button and turn on the detector. Release the button as soon as “Resetting to defaults” appears.