Known issues  and feature requests.

As with every device there are always some hardware and software issues. We would like to gather alle information so we can make an update that can be tested thoroughly.  (We like to have some additional beta testers for this).


If you have found something that does not work properly, or if you have a good idea to implement in the software, or a future version of the hardware let us know HERE 


Known Issues. (based on software version 1.31)

* The prerecord buffer during autorecord does not work.

* Using Auto Record sets also live sample rate value.

* Setting deepsleep mode to wake up after 24:00 will result in instant start of autorecord.

* Exiting deepsleep by holding left button results in power up and restore default settings.

* Restore setting from SD does not work.



Requests. (no guarantees on implementation in the future)

* Battery charge status indication on display (requires new hardware version which is not expected soon).

* Automatically record everything during normal active use. (like autorecord in the background)

* Not change detection mode after saving a screenshot