About the TeensyBat detector.

The TeensyBat detector is a close cooperation between Edwin Houwertjes (hardware) and Cor Berrevoets (software). Development started in 2018 and since then both software and hardware have gone through major changes. We aim at providing a low-cost build-yourself bat detetector for anyone.

Software: This Github repository contains the latest release (build 2023 01 25):

Hardware: Edwin has developed a great PCB (current version 0.8) that allows you to build our detector with minimal skills.
More details can be found at his website https://www.teensybat.com


This image shows the v0.7 PCB version. We now use more SMD parts, quieter switches and Teeny4.1 board. 


Main features:

  • 2.8inch color display that shows a live spectrogram and low,peak and high frequencies.
  • Heterodyne, Auto-Heterodyne and Frequency division listening modes. (on headphones)
  • Recording up to 384kHz sample rate to micro SD card. (maximum supported size 32Gb, Class10 or better required)
  • Playback on slow speed (1/5 to 1/20 ratio) or full speed (full speed only works up to 281kHz sample rate)
  • Rechargeable lithium battery that easily last a whole summer night. (standard USB (C) charger is needed)
  • External powersupply by standard phone powerbank or charger.
  • Ultrasound  tiggered autorecording 
  • Small size 116x68x36mm (4.7x2.7x1.5in)


If you like the bootimage you can watch it here.... so you don't have to keep switching off and on your detector .


The photo is taken by Paul van Hoof who makes the most amazing photo's of bats and other wildlife.

Have a look at his website and be amazed.