Using Teensybat

Yes I know, I also do not like to read a usermanual.

For the people that just want to rush out into the the great wild open I created a quickstart video. This explains the most important functions. The video is made using a Teensy 4.1 based detector with TeensyBat v 1.3 software.




1.0 version Manual

Manual Teensy Bat Detector Software Version 1.0
PDF – 262,1 KB 380 downloads

1.1dev version Manual

Teensybat Manual V 1.1 Dev 11 April 2021
PDF – 1,9 MB 337 downloads

1.2 version Manual

Well, here it finally is....  I have to admit I did not scan for any typos and I probably missed something bit I did not want to keep you waiting.

TeensyBat Manual V 1.2
PDF – 1,7 MB 447 downloads

1.3 version manual by Thierry Arbault.

TeensyBat User Manual V 1.3
PDF – 313,9 KB 328 downloads
How to use the filter settings in V1.3
PDF – 98,3 KB 328 downloads





Ook voor de nederlands gebruikers een snelstartgids als youtube video. TTten toestel met Teenst4.1 en software versie 1.3 is gebruikt voor deze video.

1.0 Handleiding

Handleiding Voor Software Versie 1.0
PDF – 634,7 KB 331 downloads

1.1dev Handleiding

Teensybat Handleiding V 1.1 Dev 11 April 2021
PDF – 1,9 MB 349 downloads

1.3 Handleiding

TeensyBat V 1.3 Handleiding
PDF – 320,4 KB 175 downloads

Manuals in other languages

If you feel there is a need for an manual in an other language, or if you want to edit the manual please contact me I can send you the .docx file for you to work with. It would be very nice if someone could translate it to German of French, but other languages are also interesting.