Using Teensybat

Yes I know, I also do not like to read a usermanual.

For the people that just want to rush out into the the great wild open I created 3 video's. This explain the most important functions. The video is made using a Teensy 4.1 based detector with TeensyBat v 1.4 software.

Please note that some company claimed an infringement of a US and UK patent they hold. For that reasone, that function was removed from the software and manuals. 


1.4 version Manual

We have moved to V1.6 which is quite similar to V1.4, some features have improved and bugs have been removed.

TeensyBat User Manual V1.4
PDF – 357,1 KB 323 downloads
How to use the filter settings in V1.3 and higher.
PDF – 98,3 KB 544 downloads

I noticed several quistions were asked about the autorecord feature.

In autorecord we have some settings to prevent large files and all-night recording.

Max Duration limits the size of the wav file. (5-300 seconds)

Max Silence tells haw many seconds after the last trigger recording should stop (1-30 seconds)

Pause between records prevents getting lots of records. (0-900 seconds)


All recording in autorecord is triggered by ultrasonic sounds exceeding a minimum frequency and volume.


I drew up this diagram to explain what times are used and what moments are skipped in the recordings.

The diagram does not show the pre-buffer.  To capture all sounds of an approaching bat, several seconds of audiobuffer before the the trigger moment are also stored. (0-5 seconds in 0.5 second steps)



Ook voor de nederlands gebruikers een snelstartgids als youtube video. Toestel met Teensy4.1 en software versie 1.4 is gebruikt voor deze video. Versie 1.6 lijkt hier wel heel erg veel op.

1.4 Handleiding

TeensyBat v1.4 Handleiding
PDF – 418,9 KB 170 downloads

Automatisch opnemen en de afspeelfunctie komen in onderstaande video's aan bod.

Manuals in other languages

If you feel there is a need for an manual in an other language, or if you want to edit the manual please contact me I can send you the .docx file for you to work with. It would be very nice if someone could translate it to German of French, but other languages are also interesting.