Display turned 90 degrees and strange colors

This could well be because of a wrong type of controller on the display board. The display needs to have an ILI9341 controller but your display probably has a ST7789 controller. The displays look exactly alike so you can not tell them apart afterwards. Be sure what kind you buy!


Microphone not working

If you have an external microphone socket, chances are the switch in the socket is the culprit. Place a jackplug and remove it to break and make the switch. (you can uses the headphone connector, but best is to turn off the detector first). 

If you are in the building process, check that solder jumpers SJ1and SJ2 are closed of the external mick socket is in place.

Furthermore the microphone has no moisture protection so keep it dry!  


Battery not charging

The battery can not be charged via the micro USB connector on the right side of the detector, (next to the headphone connector) that port can power the detector and is used for software updates/debugging but not for charging.

Use the port located on the short side facing the operator.

Battery indicator not on display. V0.8 and V0.7(with modification) can show a battery indicator on software version1.4 and later. If you power from the micro USB on the teensy and habe no battery connected that indicator is hidden.


USB-C to USB-C cables and smart chargers could give problems detecting the device. USB-A to USB-C (or micro USB)  all work just fine. On the V0.8PCB that issue is addressed. The maximum charge current is 1A.

(charging a drained 8000mAh battery can take over 8 hours)


Headphones not working (on older vesrsions)

When you have a detector with a separate audioboard, be sure to use a stereo headphone (3 conductor TRS)  and no 4-conductor (TRRS) jackplug headset with microphone. (Teensy4.1 bases board v0.7 and later can be used with TRRS connector)


Messed up settings

If you accidentally changed a setting and do not know how to restore it, restore to default settings by holding the left pushbutton and power-on the detector.


GPS not working

GPS is a bit tricky, the reception is less than on a dedicated navigation device, it is recommend to first acquire a satellite fix by using the GPS settings page. In the settings page alle high speed data signals in the detector are off and GPS data is read every second. You should get a fix in 50 seconds or less.


Bootlogo stays in the screen (partially) and button functions show NULL

The probably is due to an error related to the temperature sensor. If the sensor is broken, or not present this happens. Please update to software without the temperature sensor, of (re)place the sensor. Software versions 1.4 and later do not have this issue, if the temperature sensor malfunctions the detector will keep working.




If this message is displayed you could have some problems with the PSRAM chips. If you have no PSRAM installed you might have loaded the wrong software. I encourage everyone to use the memory chips because it gives a great audiobuffer. On Cor's github site you can find software that works without the audiobuffer(PSRAM chips are not needed or used).