Teensybat mainboard T4.1 + microphone


TeensyBat mainboard v.0.7

This is the first mainboard version made for the Teensy 4.1 development board.

This board holds all small components like microphone amplifier, charger and battery protection as well as the complete audioboard. This means you do not need to buy the Teensy audioboard and do not have to struggle with a whole bunch of resistors as one had to do with the old printed circuit board.

The additional parts and completely integrated audioboard makes this PCB more expensive but the whole project should cost about the same as the old project.

This board has a cut-out for placing annadditional GPS receiver, and a position for a temperature sensor. It can accept two different 2.8" ili9341 lcd display (red PCB with q1 transistor)

This offer is just the mainboard with a rectangular microphone. I do hope to offer kits soon.

There is a corrected error on this circuit board. You can see that next to the USB-C connector.